Communicate & Play℠

Dog - pushing ball

Pushing ball between pylons

Our dogs have an AMAZING capacity to think and learn. In this class we will increase their knowledge of words and build their vocabulary through the use of targeting, toys, games and play. By using bridging the dogs will be encouraged and praised as they learn and explore new concepts. The communication between you and your dog will develop and grow. Increased communication leads to more interaction with your dog which promotes a stronger and better relationship. This will carry over into all aspects of training and working and living with your dog. The possibilities are endless – only limited by what creative ideas you (as your dog’s person) can come up with to teach your dog.

Dog -right paw on step

Pyrenees – right paw


The communication skills you learn in this class will be carried into all aspects of your daily living with your dog: At home; All training venues; Everywhere!


Dog learning colors

Collie – learning colors















putting toys in box  stacking ringshead through hoop



Simon-small ring


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